My name is Diogo, I was born in 1989 in Barreiro, Portugal.

I’m a software developer, currently working as Tech Lead @ Cloudoki.

I tend to be a bit of an all-around player and, besides backend development, I usually get involved in architecturing, DevOps, firefighting, bug hunting and wine tasting.

As tech lead, I’m also part of development planning, project assessment, helping where needed and watching over best practices and good standards.

When it comes to programming, nowadays I work mostly with Go and Node.js.

These are some of the products I had the pleasure of working in:

  • Other projects @ Cloudoki
    • Go, Node.js, Typescript, Bash, .NET Core
    • Kubernetes, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
    • GCP, Docker, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS GameLift, Serverless Stack, AWS SAM
    • CircleCI, AWS CodeBuild, SonarQube
    • Go, Node.js
    • PostgreSQL, Redis
    • Kubernetes, AWS SQS/SNS, Docker
    • ETH NFTs, OpenSea
    • Go, Node.js, Typescript, Python
    • PostgreSQL, Prometheus, RabbitMQ, Firestore
    • GCP, AWS, Docker, Firebase, Kubernetes
    • OpenID Connect & OAuth2, OpenAPI
    • Mollie, Stripe
    • Node.js
    • MySQL, InfluxDB
    • Docker, GCP
    • Node.js, PHP, .NET Framework, .NET Core
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS
    • Node.js, Backbone.js
    • PostgreSQL